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Property Development

The group has developed and controls 650,000 square feet of commercial residential and industrial real estate in one of the fastest growing sectors of the Sri Lankan economy. The property development sector also has a valuable land bank that has been reserved for future development activities.

  Office & Residential - "The Landmark" Building

Our flagship 12 storey office & apartment complex, The Landmark is located on some of Colombo's most valuable real estate along the city's main artery, Galle Road. Featuring 100,000 square feet, The Landmark offices and apartments are fully tenanted to residential & corporate clientele. The Landmark also owns and operates a commercial surface car park for over 100 vehicles in the adjoining property.

  Commercial - 96 Main Street

This office building is located in Main Street, the Central Business District in close proximity to the Colombo Port and Presidents House. Tenanted to a major local and regional bank.

  Residential (Planned)

Located in greater Colombo, close to the domestic airport, the six acre site will feature 46 detached homes across three acres with the remainder of the land allocated for future expansion. In the final stages of approval, the project will be environmentally conscious, with rain water collection, a solar farm for common lighting, and vertical axis wind turbines for harvesting coastal winds.

  Commercial (Planned)

Location on the main artery of Colombo in the main business district, a half acre site is in planning stages for a 250,000 square foot mixed development of retail and residential spaces.

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